Basil Sellers Sporting Art Project For Kids
Goodwood Primary School, year 1/2 class

Kirsty's Kids Art
Holy Family Catholic School



In 2011, Kirsty started conducting Artist in Residence Programs in schools. The first one was the Basil Sellers Sporting Art Project for Kids, fully funded by Basil Sellers. Basil Sellers, AM is a Sydney based retired businessman and a very generous supporter of people and communities in need.

Kirsty met Basil by chance one day when he walked past one of her kids art classes in Sydney and popped in for a chat. He left, and committed to Kirsty that he would donate prize money for the kids to create a piece of artwork with a sporting theme. Once the students had completed the sporting art competition, Basil was keen to grow the idea! The objective of the Basil Sellers Sporting Art Project for Kids was to encourage creativity and build artistic skills amongst children in schools, using sport as the subject matter.

Adelaide (Basil’s home town) was the perfect place to launch the project. Goodwood Primary School was the first to be offered the program in May 2011, where Kirsty visited once a week to teach a class of year 1 / 2's. At the conclusion of the 2-term project, the school had a large sporting artwork to keep on permanent display within the school.

Basil is an amazing, generous and kind man and Kirsty is grateful for the chance meeting all those years ago. If you would like to know more about Basil, we highly recommend reading more about him on Wikipedia.

The second Artist in Residence Program was at Holy Family Catholic School (Parafield Gardens, South Australia). Kirsty worked with 30 students, one from every class, creating artworks to take home. They also worked on a group project (The Tree, see left), which is now on permanent display within the school.

Kirsty has gone on to conduct many other school programs since these humble beginnings. If you're interested in having Kirsty conduct an artistic project in your child's school, please contact us for further information, costs and availability.

Kirsty has also created a website, based on the Australian National Curriculum that is great for primary school teachers to do art with kids in classrooms - check it out at